Fall 2019 Board



Angel Flores

ALPFA has grown as I've grown along with ALPFA. I'm where I'm at now due to ALPFA and the many wonderful, intellectual, and brilliant people I've met through the ALPFAmilia. ALPFA has offered me many opportunities which have impacted my life greatly. 


External Vice President

Rogelio Jimenez

ALPFA gives me the platform to reach a much greater audience than I could have ever reached on my own. I want to help as many members as possible and help them reach their full potential.



Richard Gonzalez

ALPFA has been a big part of my growth and personal development for the last three semesters at Cal State LA. I wish I would have signed up for ALPFA sooner. However, it is never too late. I have been able to make use of the benefits that ALPFA offers which include but are not limited to Networking, Resume workshops, Mock interviews, and Soft Skills Development.


Director of Professional Events

Cindy Duong

No matter who you are and where you come from, everyone in ALPFA will support you and help you in any aspect.


Director of Social Events

Quincy Barnett

I first started attending board meetings and noticed how close they were and it almost seemed like a family. After a few meetings I knew ALPFA was something I wanted to be a part of. Since then ALPFA and all the members have helped me grow as a person in my personal and professional life.


Director of Fundraising

Elisandro Moreno

I  choose ALPFA because it has always given me the opportunity for self-growth. Whether it was gaining confidence to network with students and professionals or receive advice towards my future, ALPFA has always been very helpful.


Director of Fundraising

Salvador Vazquez

I chose ALPFA because since the beginning I've always felt welcomed. They care and really try to help you as best they can. I see the potential it gives for me to grow into a professional along with the opportunities it gives.


Internal Vice President

Gladys Nieves

I chose ALPFA because of the environment, the opportunity for growth, and to help me with public speaking. I keep choosing ALPFA because I enjoy working with others and giving back the knowledge I have gained through ALPFA to others and seeing others grow as well as succeed.


Executive Secretary

Luisa Felix

The reason I chose ALPFA is because I was able to connect with people in this organization. They made me feel welcomed and wanted to hear me out. I was amazed by the way they would dress and speak highly about ALPFA it made me want to keep coming.


Director of Professional Events

Jackelyn Uscanga

I joined ALPFA because I knew that I needed to develop myself professionally and ALPFA has helped me with that. Also being part of an organization is important when you're in college and the members of ALPFA are very welcoming and for that reason I’ve stayed, even formed part of the board.


Director of Community Service

Marylee Puga

I joined ALPFA my sophomore year and continued to be a part of the ALPFAmilia because of the constant support and motivation from everyone. Prior to joining, I was unable to easily network due to my nerves but after attending the social and professional events such as Convention, I have become more confident in communicating with others, especially professionals. 


Director of Marketing

Brenda Banales

I joined ALPFA to develop myself professionally and help others become the best they could be!


Director of Student Affairs

Annie Chen

ALPFA is empowering and limitless in regards to the magnitude of learning opportunities within both personal and professional capacities. I joined ALPFA this summer and I was not only able to learn about current industry trends through the ALPFA Convention, but also I developed meaningful relationships with professionals who have inspired me to embrace challenges and give back to the community!